Macau JV Partnership: 3 Residential Developments Completely Pre-Sold

    Composition’s third investment in Macau is a JV partnership with a local manager who specializes in the creation of boutique residential projects. Whilst much attention in Macau is paid to the prominent development activities linked to the gambling industry, Composition has focused on an underserved sector where development was neither so obvious nor so active although local end-user demand clearly exists.
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    Composition is fully committed to the principle of Corporate Social Responsibility and implements CSR into its policies and practices, to the benefit of all its stakeholders. Our CSR policy sets out the framework for Composition to manage its corporate responsibilities whilst maintaining commercial viability, long term profitability and enhancement of its reputation.  All Composition's employees have a responsibility to ensure the effective execution of the CSR policy across all their activities.
    The definition of CSR issued by the European Commission is one of several to convey the principles:
    The responsibility of enterprises for their impacts on society.
    Respect for applicable legislation, and for collective agreements between social partners, is a prerequisite for meeting that responsibility. Enterprises should have in place a process to integrate social, environmental, ethical, human rights and consumer concerns into their business operations and core strategy in close collaboration with their stakeholders.

    Composition recognizes the need to meet the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. We aim to manage our impact on the planet and in society to ensure that it is a positive one.

    Good relations with our corporate community, as well as local communities where we have invested on behalf of clients, are important to us. Our community relations are based on mutual trust, respect and active partnership. We are a commercial organization: our activities are business orientated and therefore we do not intervene in political matters.
    Socially Responsible Investment
    Composition has an extensive Socially Responsible Investment Policy that takes into account social, environmental and ethical considerations in the selection, retention and execution of investments. 
    Professional Integrity and Standards
    Composition aims to be a leading global private equity real state investment manager operating ethically  with integrity to the highest professional standards, both individually and collectively.   We have an extensive Code of Conduct that is reviewed annually and is underwritten by all our employees.
    Composition aims to consistently deliver efficient and appropriate services to our clients whilst adhering to the highest standards of professional conduct. We aim to exceed our clients' expectations.

    Local Partners and Suppliers
    Composition will foster good relationships with its local partners and suppliers, treat them fairly and observe contractual commitments where performance requirements are met.

    Health and Safety
    Composition will comply with all relevant legislation and ensure sufficient resources are provided to effectively implement and manage health and safety arrangements.

    Our opinion

    China - Reform for More Growth

    As queries arise about China’s capacity to maintain its strong growth rate, we take a look at the background to economic reform in China. And why Composition believes that the government’s plans will secure a strong growth rate going forward, providing a sound base for our real estate investment programs.
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