Composition obtains AIFMD license

    November 2015

    AIFMD license

    As part of Composition’s efforts to remain at the forefront of changes to the financial services industry, we are pleased to advise that on November 3rd 2015, Composition has been granted its Alternative Investment Fund Managers (AIFM) authorisation. The authorisation process included a detailed internal review of our fund structures and documentation of policies and processes. The AIFM authorisation process is one of the many regulatory changes which have come in to effect as a result of the AIFM Directive, which aims to create a harmonised regulatory EU framework for managers of Alternative Investment Funds. As an authorised AIFM, we have the ability to market and manage both Asia and Europe new products both within and outside the AIFM regulatory framework, depending on the individual fund/mandate structure.

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    Composition recognizes that its employees are its most valuable resource. It is essential for Composition to attract and maintain dedicated and highly-qualified employees and our human resource policies are created to achieve this. Employees are treated with fairness, dignity & respect and provided with a good working environment. Composition encourages employees to continually strengthen their skills by supporting training with a view to improving and maximizing individual potential & performance.

    Composition is committed to providing its employees with a non-discriminatory work environment free of any type of harassment. Composition does not tolerate any deliberate discrimination or harassment, in word or action, against a fellow employee or applicant for employment on the basis of race, gender, sexual preference, national origin, religion, age or physical or mental disability.

    Life balance is important when expecting high performance from employees. Composition aims to accommodate individual needs for a good balance between working life and personal life and to be flexible when it comes to every employees needs at various stages of their lives.

    Our opinion

    Global Markets - A Bad Thing for Asia?

    It has been a choppy ride for global markets recently: the Federal Reserve’s efforts to pull back on a bond-buying program that propped up markets the past few years; conflicting growth reports from the US, Europe and China; nervousness in emerging markets: all factors which have put investors on edge. Do we think it is all a bad thing though? We actually believe that it will be positive for Asia, as the world normalizes after a bout of ‘steroids’ to heal the global economy. With tapering, the Fed is sending the message that the US economy is on the mend, a development which will benefit Asia’s economies. It presents opportunities for investors to re-enter certain markets that had originally benefitted from the inflow of ‘hot’ money, but not experienced the opposite effect later.
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