Composition’s small-sized apartments strategy supplying to Macau’s young buyers proves successful

    Composition is taking to a different tack to the major developers that have focused on luxury residential properties for foreign buyers in Macau and found a niche with a focus on developing small-sized apartments. The team's focus on building good quality small flats at affordable prices for young people in the Macau Peninsula has been successful.

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    Composition recognizes that its employees are its most valuable resource. It is essential for Composition to attract and maintain dedicated and highly-qualified employees and our human resource policies are created to achieve this. Employees are treated with fairness, dignity & respect and provided with a good working environment. Composition encourages employees to continually strengthen their skills by supporting training with a view to improving and maximizing individual potential & performance.

    Composition is committed to providing its employees with a non-discriminatory work environment free of any type of harassment. Composition does not tolerate any deliberate discrimination or harassment, in word or action, against a fellow employee or applicant for employment on the basis of race, gender, sexual preference, national origin, religion, age or physical or mental disability.

    Life balance is important when expecting high performance from employees. Composition aims to accommodate individual needs for a good balance between working life and personal life and to be flexible when it comes to every employees needs at various stages of their lives.

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    China - Reform for More Growth

    As queries arise about China’s capacity to maintain its strong growth rate, we take a look at the background to economic reform in China. And why Composition believes that the government’s plans will secure a strong growth rate going forward, providing a sound base for our real estate investment programs.
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