Disposals for Composition Japanese JV

    Composition’s first Joint Venture in Japan has seen both acquisition and disposal activity since it was founded in summer 2010. By Q1 2013, the partnership has acquired 8 residential assets and 1 office asset and already disposed of 2 residential assets, which realized gross IRRs in excess of 20%.
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    Composition identifies, manages and reduces its environmental impacts where possible, complying  with all environmental laws and regulations, controlling waste and using resources effectively, in line with all environment laws and regulations. This is a principle which is also applied through our Socially Responsible Investment policy where we seek to ensure that our local partners are also operating in line with good environment practices.

    Both Composition's offices in Hong Kong and Amsterdam are located in buildings where environment impacts are actively managed by their owners.

    Amsterdam - Composition is located in the World Trade Center in Amsterdam. Since January 2010 it has been operating exclusively on green energy. WTC Amsterdam is constantly reviewing sustainable projects and have installed both solar panels and small wind turbines on the roof to test which best serves the buildings´ requirements better.  In-house heat & cold storage and district heating is also utilized.  Around 40% of waste is sorted, a level which is expected to increase. Tower H, where Composition is located, is rated with the Energy Label A.

    Hong Kong - Composition is located in Jardine House, managed by Hongkong Land.  Hongkong Land has committed itself to reducing the emissions from the buildings which it manages.  All buildings use intelligent metering, are subjected to energy audits, have green purchasing programs & efficient waste management program and use sea water to cool the buildings' conditioned air.  Physical improvements which have been made in Jardine House include upgraded lift systems and washroom technologies.

    Our opinion

    Global Markets - A Bad Thing for Asia?

    It has been a choppy ride for global markets recently: the Federal Reserve’s efforts to pull back on a bond-buying program that propped up markets the past few years; conflicting growth reports from the US, Europe and China; nervousness in emerging markets: all factors which have put investors on edge. Do we think it is all a bad thing though? We actually believe that it will be positive for Asia, as the world normalizes after a bout of ‘steroids’ to heal the global economy. With tapering, the Fed is sending the message that the US economy is on the mend, a development which will benefit Asia’s economies. It presents opportunities for investors to re-enter certain markets that had originally benefitted from the inflow of ‘hot’ money, but not experienced the opposite effect later.
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